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Are looking to improve your health and wellness? Are ready to take your athletics to the next level? Let us guide you through a plan that is personalized for you! 


Nutrition coaching is more than just counting calories. It's knowlege, guidance and accountability that help build habits and create growth — it's a learning process! We are committed to helping you reach your goals.

Dial in your nutrition to look and feel your best!

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Tailored Programming


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 It’s crazy I just had another friend reach out to me today and ask what I was doing. I think people are expecting to hear me say I am following some fad diet or crazy thing such as that😂😂😂. I always share that it’s simply eating to fuel your body with good foods, water and more water followed by exercise. I can’t believe this journey  with you started almost a year ago. I also share that it’s a process and it takes dedication for a sure. Thank you for getting me started on this journey to my best self


The nutrition program at CF Reignited has been a game changer for me. In addition to starting my cross fit journey overweight and with little confidence and a bad attitude, I had also been recently diagnosed with food sensitivities to eggs, cows milk, and gluten. Really? What was I supposed to eat? My weekly sessions with Erika are supportive, educational, creative, and have made all the difference. I have found lots I can eat and I’m even drinking three times as much water as I ever have. Thanks Erika!! — Shira G

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Looking to start tracking your macros? Check out our resource page with helpful hints and food guides.

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